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"Have you ever thought why brand new cars in India lose their shine within a couple of months of hitting the roads? "

Dusty & Rough roads are to blame! And it’s painful to see your CAR bear this plight.

What’s the solution you ask?

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What is Ceramic Car Coating?

Ceramic Car Coating is basically the art of manually applying a liquid glass coating to the exteriors of your vehicle to enhance its gloss & shine. The best part is that ceramic coating creates a permanent bond with your original car paint, which means that the shine is long lasting & it does not wash away or breakdown, whilst doing away with the need to repaint again & again.

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9H Ceramic Car coatings consist of nano-particles that form a very thin layer, completely invisible to the human eye. These coatings are resistant to UV rays, Chemical Stains, Scratches, Water strains, Dirt & Dust, Colour Fading, Swirl Marks and even Graffiti. Due to the strong chemical bonding, the paint has a longer life shell than normal car paints.

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Protection From UV Damage/ Oxidization

Due to extreme heat conditions in India, UV rays can damage the paint & it can make the look dull over a period of time. By adding a layer of ceramic coating, you can radically reduce the oxidation.

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Protection From Chemical Stains & Etching

Alot of times, our car washes are done by the society watchman, who uses the same cloth to clean multiple cars. Sometimes, chemical stains & other acidic contaminants (including bird shit) end up sticking to your car, which can damage the paint & its shine. By creating a ceramic coated surface, these acidic contaminants will keep from bonding to your vehicle.

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Hydrophobic In Nature

Ceramic coatings are hydrophobic in nature, which simply means they repel water. So the coffee/tea etc fall will have a hard time sticking onto the car surface & when the car gets a wash, the contaminants will be easier to get rid of. Isn’t that far better than to keep rubbing on a spot for eternity, which ultimately damages the paint?

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No Need For Car Wax

In modern times, car wax could be termed as too outdated. The whole problem with a car wax is that it wears off over a period of time, as early as 1-2 months, and it needs to be reapplied. This process is time consuming & redundant. On the other hand, a single Ceramic Coating Treatment ensures that the paint’s self-cleaning properties help keep the gloss & shine of the car intact.

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Scratch Resistant

You might have parked your car for a minute and a two-wheeler brushes by leaving a scratch mark, which surely makes you go red in the face without anyone to even catch hold of. Scratch marks are a very common phenomenon on Indian roads and it can be highly embarrassing for a high end car owner. With Ceramic Coatings, 90% of the scratches can be REMOVED. Even if a kid rubs the pencil point on your car, the paint will not let its sharpness destroy your paint & it can be cleaned off.


We pride on that fact that the first to get Nanotechnology based Ceramic Coatings to Gujarat was Creative Motors.


Ceramic Coating on BMW GT 3 series at Creative Motors Ahmedabad

BMW 520d

Ceramic Coating on BMW 520d at Creative Motors Ahmedabad

Land Rover Discovery

Ceramic Coating on Land Rover Discovery at Creative Motors Ahmedabad

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